Bebs is a 10 year old boy who loves to listen to good music without song! Bebs come from Sweden and dream of making really good music.

Bebs uses the studio 11 studio after receiving it from his uncle. Bebs has been inspired by many artists such as TheFatRat, DJ VI, Alan Walker and Avicii.

Nowadays he is listening more to the background music than on the song when he hears songs on the radio.

Bebs uses the Amuse app to distribute their music to the great services and Gimp to make cover pictures.

Bebs came to his name because of a game idea he had when he was smaller. The game would be bebs and what would be done where to fly from their parents. The game would be like an improved view of the game subway surfing. Later, he always used Bebs or Bebsboy as a username for all games and sites. When he was going to post his first song on Spotify on August 10, 2018, he needed an artist name, and then Bebs was the first to come to mind.

Is there anything more you wonder so ask me!

Here you can cantact me!

© Carl Henrik Forström

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